Flame Test Lab

I always thought and would not say that chemistry is fascinating or either fun to learn. The periodic table, the chemical reaction, and the sub-atomic isotope, those are just some confusing topics taking part in chemistry. However, there is always a silver lining. I believe that mindset can be changed. Chemistry is a very complex branch of science. Started in the new school year, I felt nervous coming to chemistry class because I know that it will be confusing and hard to learn. Actually, it is true for the first week. But, after knowing that there will be the lab, and with a clear understanding about the concept that was taught by the teacher, I felt more confident.


Before the first school holiday, I was extremely excited for the lab of a flame test. It sounds fun but at the same time dangerous. Before the lab day, our teacher had gone over the safety rules in class, making me more excited. The lab itself is probably the coolest lab I’ve ever experienced. We get to use a different compound of sodium chlorides and use a bunsen burner to heat up the molecules of the compound that will be making it emit a different color. Copper chloride is the coolest because it emits out color blue-green and turquoise. The lab is very interesting, and at last, we all have to write the report for it.  


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