S’more Lab

Throughout the past two months, in our chemistry class, we learned a variety of topics regarding balancing molecule, Lewis dot diagram, states of matter, and more. Along with the lessons, we also worked on many labs and out of all, the S’more Making Lab would be my favorite. At the very end of round two at school, we were learning about the chemical reaction and start off by learning limit and excess reactants. To help our learning, our facilitator decided to bring the S’more Lab to the students and that really cheer us up. S’more is a well-known snack among our foreign facilitators. It comprises of marshmallow, cracker, and pieces of chocolate candy. In the lab, our facilitator would give us a different amount of the ingredients and would have us identify the limiting and excess reactants and calculate the percent yields of it. At last, besides learning, we even get to make our S’more and eat it. The one I made was so delicious and I am hoping to have more lab that is similar to this. What a great way to have students participate and learn a “not fun” topics.     

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