Khmer Sight Foundation_What can be improved?

For the past year, Liger had been working closely with Khmer Sight Foundation to have to bring back the vision of Cambodia people, help them to see better. Khmer Sight Foundation is a non-profit organization that offer free eyes-surgery to Cambodian people with eyes’ problems. Many Liger’s students had volunteered to help Khmer Sight Foundation with translating and assisting the doctors. Some students even got the chances to volunteered twice or three times. This year, we had realized that we can make bigger impact and help to the Khmer Sight Foundation. From the experience on different screening, we’ve discovered different error that we can fix to better the experience of the patient during the screening. We start this round by contacting with the Foundation and brainstorm ideas of how we can improve the screening experience. We thoughts of many ideas and we even get the chance to meet the representative of the foundation to discuss our idea and to get their opinion about it. At last, we had finalized some main goals we want to get done for the Khmer Sight Foundation. This project will continue to another round the next step would be to actually implement our ideas on an actual screening and to look for more feedback.      

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