Khmer Modeled United Nation

I had participated in many Modeled United Nations (MUN) events before. It allows the participants to discuss real-world issues professionally that follows the United Nation guidelines and protocol. Being able to participate in the discussion had influence myself to be more open and expose to many more problems; but, I want more: I want to lead the discussion. Being able to interact with other delegates and communicate with them in English had helped me in English public speaking skills; but, I want more: I want to interact with others in Khmer – our native language.

This is my second time chairing and leading the formal discussion in Khmer, it’s my second time in the Liger Khmer Modeled United Nation (LKMUN).

It feels very specials and challenging at the same time to lead and authorize the mockup United Nation meeting in Khmer. I think is it essential to make those concerning issues and using the different United Nation protocol in our language because that will diversify the different perspective on the topics. In addition, this will also give the opportunity for more people to being able to give their opinions on the varied issues.




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