Opportunity To See Again

The Khmer Sight Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers free eyes’ services include eye surgery for Cambodian people. The Khmer Sight Foundation had been helping the Cambodian people for many years already. A lot of people, especially the elders were very grateful for the organization because they help to bring back their eyesight. 

During every eyes’ screening, many potential eye surgery patients will be selected. Some of them are afraid to do the surgery. So in one of our videos, we had showcased the convenience and painless process of the surgery. Another video, we had interviewed many patients who did the surgery about their experience and we would share it to the potential patients so that they won’t be scared to come to do the surgery.

In addition to the video that we had created, we had also successfully organized three eyes’ screening and got a lot of potential patients that the organization will help to make them see again.

I love helping my society. Being able to see patients feel surprised and happy after they can see again is a very influential moment for me.

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