This I Believe My Love In Playing Basketball_Literacy Project


Basketball is love, and basketball is life. It is my passion and it means everything to me. The court with the basket is my home. I believe in playing basketball.


The ball and I share an unsplittable bond. During the practises and games, the ball might go off my hands, but instead, that is what making me wanted to get it back. When I have the ball in my hands, I would be like a chicken chasing predator away to protect it chicks.


“I guard the ball, guard your man guys, get set. ” I really loves how we communicate closely together in playing basketball. When we play together, we are in one family even though we are not that closed outside of the court. We speaks to each other, while giving suggestion and giving feedback. I had never ever felt so comfortable and warm in playing other sport except playing this. “Keep it up, go, you can do this, and don’t worry about taking shot.” Those encouraging words is what brings everyone together as a team and stand up against the other. Those positive words is what moving us forward with confidence and collaboration. Those empowering words is what making us individual a better players. I believe that these are not just words, but the hidden meaning of loves deeply inside it, is what making it so special and yes through playing basketball.   


I am not only playing basketball, but what make it more special to me is that, I am also watching basketball, the National Basketball Association (NBA). I am a young fan of the Golden State Warriors which is in the west conference. Usually, I spend my free time watching my team played and trying to follow the style that my idol Wardell Stephen Curry did with his shooting, passing, faking, and dribbling. It has really inspired me to play more and most important, is to practise more and setting my own goal of becoming a better player in the future. I remember one time when the Warriors play against Utah Jazz and the time remaining less than one second then he just make a shoot back at the half court and beat the buzzer. After watching that shoot, I really want to become like him one day which make me more an ambitious person and not afraid with missed shot. One time he said “ I can’t say enough, how important my faith is to how I play the game and who I am.” I have been heard many quotes similar to this, but I think that this quote is the most special. Playing and watching basketball means so much to me and I believe that basketball is part of my identity.


I never ever going to forget the memories of playing basketball. I used to be so frustrated before playing, and after training and when I stepped out of the court, I forget all the sadness and bad things happening to me. I forget about the doing my stressful homework that may lift my grade up to at least 90% in average. I forget about my best friends borrowing my money which making so mad when their haven’t returned it yet. I forget about my brother eating my apple without asking when I left it in the fridge. I forget about doing my house chores and accepted blames from my housemate. I forget about everything. The one things that I am going to do is finding my socks and putting on my tennis shoes. Then running to the court, grab a ball and practise my shooting. I used to be so afraid of making shot. In practise, I try so hard to make shot again and again. Every weekend, I at least spend 2-3 hours practising shooting. I fall, my arms hurt, I made ugly shot, but I still moving on. I believe that the passion and effort I’ve put in playing this is what lift me back up. I started to make good shot, and better handle with the ball. This is not only my passion, but it is my safe zone. I love when I make a basket, and my coach yelled, “Bucket, let’s go Somp.” I can’t say this enough, and I love everything about basketball. I believe in my love in basketball.

Ignorance Needs To Be Stopped_TEDxISPP

I am a 14 years old boy who is curious about my country. I see my country differently from other people. I see many immense issues that need to be solved while some people look above and ignore it. Cambodia is a very beautiful place and everyone is friendly. I can describe all the positive things about Cambodia all day long, but I can even talk longer about issues that have been ignored. 

I am one of the TEDx speaker spotlighting the issues of illegal fishing and the decreasing of Cambodian ocean biodiversity. I was there suggesting different idea and are focusing on turning the illegal fishermen into algae farmers. I believe that algae farming can be an alternative livelihood for those competitive fishermen and beside making punishing them, instead believe in them and accept them as a victims.  

I was there reminding people about our country and as a new generation, try to solve and prevent those problems to happen. Don’t ignore those problems and instead, finding more issue to solve. 

Check out the video: Introduction to Algae Farming In Cambodia 

Motive in Debating_Model United Nation 2016

The time has come again, a few days ago, on the weekend, I was participating the International School of Phnom Penh Model United Nation. Last year was my first time participate and representing the country of Greece and this years, I came back to the events again as the delegation of Republic of the Union of Myanmar. This year, I was in the committee of the Junior General Assembly 2 showcasing three topics that are associated with providing better education, protecting animal rights and limiting the use of large dams. This year, I felt really proud of myself and especially to the work that I have put into preparing with all the researches and writing in order to be ready for it. Compare to last year, I felt like I become more active in the assembly, I raised a lot of POI and ask a lot of questions too.  From each year to another, I felt more confident and enjoy doing it. I am looking forward to join this event again next year. See you soon ISPPMUN 2017!

Independent Discovery- Math and Khanacademy

For every Tuesday 1:00 to 2:00 pm I have a class called the Independent Discovery. I used this class to worked on math questions, prepare for math quiz, working on Khanacademy, learning for the upcoming lessons. This class is really helpful for me because I learned more about math and I feel more prepared when ever there is an random upcoming quiz.

This is just a simple example of a activities I did:


I AM A Businessman_Startup Weekend

On 16 September, 2016 I and other classmate participate on the first day of Startup Weekend. But, what is actually a Startup Weekend? Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around those ideas, and work to develop a working prototype, demo, or presentation by Sunday evening.

This year the Startup Weekend topic is about education. It was so great to join this incredible events. On the first day just was just an introduction. Participant were all playing ice-breaking game so we all are happy and get to know each other better. On that day we also break into teams just to let out some idea about business and pitch to the judge. They gives us crazy idea such as sunny toilet, pizza cat, sad sandwich etc. So the first pitch need to reflect to those topic. Then at last participant we giving opportunity to do the pitch to everyone about the plan that they come up to change the education in Cambodia. So, some people were talking about building an app, website, games, songs and activities. For me, my idea is to include STEAM activity into our learning curriculum. After everyone pitching their idea, it is time for voting. The judge choose top ten best vote and that idea will be past. Unfortunately, my idea didn’t past but it was a really good experience. That was all about the first day.

On the second day, everyone were divided into teams to plan out the business model (business plan) and going out talking people to find the data. My team name Sna Dai Seavpov Khmer (SSK).  For my team we are working on building the apps and website for Cambodia authors who had less opportunity to sell their book to sell it to Cambodia students through bookstore. On the same day I went outside and try to interview local book store to find out what types of book that sell most. I find out that I learn so many things in this event. Many main skills like Collaboration, networking, dot connecting, communication were some skills that I gain from working with teammates and going outside and meet new people.

Last day everyone is still working for almost the whole day again. We need to make the presentation for the judge. So, at about five in evening every team are taking turn to give a presentation about the business to the judge. Then it comes the voting time. Again, unfortunately my team is not in the top three that the judge choose.

It was a fantastic experience for me and I will join this event again next year.



Being A Young Star_On TV

On 15, August 2016 I and my two other friends were interviewed by the television program called “Be Smart Clean Environment.” The main question that I need to answer is how renewable energy helps to decrease the pollution in Cambodia. It was a really tough questions and we need to do it in Khmer. But finally everything worked really well. I chose the topic about the biodigester and my other two friends chooses the hydro power and wind energy. It takes me about a week to get the idea and finding good reasons to support the main idea. Finally I got this.


I get to talk about biodigesters and how it can be an effective way to solve the renewable problems in Cambodia.

I positively think that Biodigesters will be the great renewable energy that can decrease the pollution in Cambodia. But first what is a biodigester? Biodigesters are a type of renewable energy that uses the animal’s poo to create gas, which is used mostly for cooking and lights. I think that Biodigesters are a great solution. Let’s check out some benefits of using biodigesters. They save money, save time, are green and make a better environment and are good for people’s health. Let’s see how it also helps to decrease pollution. Most Cambodian people use firewood to cook. While cooking, you can see a lot of smoke caused by burning the firewood. Imagine how bad for your lungs it is if you breathe in all that bad smoke from firewood. But if you cook with the gas from a biodigester, it is harmless to your health. What if the smoke spread outside of your home, to the air? That will 100% create the pollution. But if we used biodigesters instead of cooking with firewood it will make our environment clean. Another connection to this. Where does firewood come from? All firewood comes from cutting down huge trees in the forest. If we stop using firewood and instead use biodigesters there will be less trees cut down. Trees are a great natural resource for us humans. No matter small or big, trees are an agent that help to clean the environment. If trees are cut to make firewood then we are losing the agency whose job it is to clean the environment. So if we start using the biodigester more, trees will not be cut down and our environment will become cleaner. Ergo, if we start using biodigesters, it helps to decrease the pollution and our environment will becoming greener. 


When the interview started I got frighten and scare. But after getting involving with the MC and the camera I get really comfortable. Therefore, finally everything go smoother than what I expected.