Cell Job Interview

The second unit for our advanced placement Biology class is Cell. The cell is the fundamental unit of life that reproduce to pass on genetic material. We just started this unit and we had learned about the three domains of a cell and the two different type of cell: prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

The first assignment for this unit is the cell job interview. Our facilitator assigned each of us an organelle and we have to do research about it. My organelle is cytoskeleton. Cyto means cell so basically is the cell skeleton. It gives structure to the cell.

As cytoskeleton, I won’t apply for the position of a maintenance worker. I structured the cell so I know clearly how to fix it when there is an issue. The whole cell company would go bankrupt without my presence because without cytoskeleton, the whole cell would have not to structure and would collapse, making it hard for other organelles to do their job. I brought in with me construction gears. I was accepted for the job and is very excited to be a part of the cell company.         

Ignorance Needs To Be Stopped_TEDxISPP

I am a 14 years old boy who is curious about my country. I see my country differently from other people. I see many immense issues that need to be solved while some people look above and ignore it. Cambodia is a very beautiful place and everyone is friendly. I can describe all the positive things about Cambodia all day long, but I can even talk longer about issues that have been ignored. 

I am one of the TEDx speaker spotlighting the issues of illegal fishing and the decreasing of Cambodian ocean biodiversity. I was there suggesting different idea and are focusing on turning the illegal fishermen into algae farmers. I believe that algae farming can be an alternative livelihood for those competitive fishermen and beside making punishing them, instead believe in them and accept them as a victims.  

I was there reminding people about our country and as a new generation, try to solve and prevent those problems to happen. Don’t ignore those problems and instead, finding more issue to solve. 

Check out the video: Introduction to Algae Farming In Cambodia 

The Carbon Cycle Excursion

This is the second book that I wrote. It is about the carbon cycle. It took my partner and I about a month in order to finish the process. We start of by choosing our favorite subject to write. Fortunately, we both boiled the topic and finally decided to choose carbon cycle. In the book, we wrote a story of a character named Carbon, and it journey through the cycle. We need to draw our own pictures. After finish with all the writing and the editing, we use Blurb Book-Write as a platform to display our book. become a unit edited



another bamboo editededited bamboo


eat bamboo edited

dead elephant edited


elephant decomposed


Carbon go back edited (1)



mango tree edited


whole cycle edited
The whole process of Carbon Cycle
Soft cover editd

Engineering with Natural Disasters

I have a very strong passion in science. Moreover, I am satisfying learning about natural disaster. This is my first Independent Discovery and it about how engineer have improve the technology in order to prevent or stop the harmfulness of natural disasters.

I have discovered that there is a technology in Japan that can protect the city from getting affected. The technology is called Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier. Also, there is a system called Tsunami Warning System, which warn the citizens about any information about the tsunami disasters.  


If you want to explore more into it, please check the link below:

Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9bCCxihAiw

Tsunami Waning System: http://www.tsunami-alarm-system.com/en/tsunami-alarm-system/tsunami-alarm-system.html


What is tsunami and does it occur:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiGNuiuFfEA