Dream Comes True_ ISPPMUN2017

Now, I have experienced and participated in four different Model United Nation (MUN) events. It is my third time to a part of the MUN that is hosting by the International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP). From time to time, I felt like I had gained more confidence and are becoming a better debater. This year in ISPPMUN, I was chosen to be the delegate, representing the United States of America in the Environment Assembly.

I love using scientific facts to support my arguments. This year in my MUN career, it has to be one of the hardest years of all. I am representing the United States, and are trying to argue other nations about the issues of climate changes. With the current “political” situation in America, I had to face so many other delegates, almost all, because of my current country position toward the topic. It required me to work so hard and do a lot of research. It took me so much time to research, that I ended up writing my opening speech two days before the events.

During the events, there are lots of stubble blocks; there are many strong debaters in my committee. I try so hard to defend my resolution and I was there on the podium many times. I always had a dream to be the best delegates in the committee.

Now, I had reached my goal. At the end of the events, I was nominated to be:

  1. The delegate that is most likely to be famous in the future.
  2. The delegate that is most likely to become the next Secretary General of the United Nations.  

“Do all you can to make your dream come true”_Joel Osteen

Present and Voting

In 2015, International School of Phnom Penh host a program called Model United Nation. Its my first time participating in it and I felt really nervous for it. But, after I did it, I felt so proud of myself. The event is so serious and I don’t really get use to it yet. I am the delegation of Greece and I am in the Junior General Assembly. 

Check out the video below in order to understand more about the difficult procedure in it. 



A Step Closer To Become A Magician

In the past seven weeks, I was working on learning some card tricks. I got inspired by one of my best friend, Nilroth, in doing magic. He know a lot of difficult card tricks and all of it are amazing. I wanted to be like him too, so I decided to take an independent discovery about it. In the course of seven weeks, I learn three different magic card tricks. 

Check the video out to see the video:

Card trick 1>


Card trick 2>


Card trick 3>