Unite To Save Our Environment_ SAIMUN 2018

The Saigon Model United Nation 2018 is my second model united nation events abroad. I was strongly committed in preparing for this event. This SAIMUN 2018 would be my third time being apart of the environmental commission, two of them is in Vietnam. I decided to be on this commission because of my passion for science. The day that my teacher told us about the trip, I am then started to look at different topics in a different committee. Some of it is awesome and I kind of wanted to do a research and debate about it. Well, of course, there are some that I didn’t like. When it comes to the Environmental Commission, the four topics are:

  1. Creating a framework for the transfer of technology to low-income countries to combat the effects of climate change
  2. The reduction and management of electronic waste
  3. The question of the erosion of land rights through global land-grabs
  4. The reduction and responsibility for ocean transboundary pollution

Again, I love science and what is more important is that I wanted to solve problems that would benefit the environment. Climate change is a very important issue that no one should neglect it. Electronic waste is very harmful to both human health and environment. The indigenous minority are suffered from the issue of land-grabs. Once the lands have been stealing, the company usually invest different activities to it. Almost always, those activities have adversely affected the environment. There are 1.4 billion tons of rubbish that has been dump into the blue heart of the planet each year. If the amount did not decrease, by 2050, there will be more trash in the ocean than fish.

I love to debate and I care for my environment. I was always been taught to save and make our surrounding clean. I am a change agent. By involving in the events, debating and coming up with resolutions from the issues, it might also change the world. I know for a fact that that resolution won’t go to the United Nation, but as a student, being able to discuss it would also be a change.

Say No To Drugs

It has been a while that the exploration associated with drugs prevention were creating educational videos, writing down lessons, and brainstorming ideas for the workshops that will be held in the four provinces on the issues of drugs. I was assigned to be the mentors for Prey Veng province. 

On the 19th of March, our mission in Prey Veng began. We leave schools at around noon and arrived at our target around 5 in the evening. We began to look at the location that the workshop with be run and make sure that we have all the supplies that we need. 

On the next day, the workshops began at around 7:30am. We divided the audience into four groups then each mentor took them and starts their lessons. The activities in the workshops went so smooth. I saw a smile on everyone face. It made me happy. Beside their engaging in the events, they also learned a lot about the issue of drugs. I am sure that each and every one of them will be another change agents and continue spreading the awareness of this problem. After the workshop, our next activity is to reach out to villagers at their home and invite them to come and watch our educational video at night. As a result, around 60 people came for the movie. 

The 21st is our last day in Prey Veng. Like yesterday, we start the workshop at the same time, did the same activities, and we receive a similar result. In both days, there are a total of about 190 students participating. 

Say No To Drugs. Spread the words. 




The Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC)

In August of 2017, at around 1:30 pm, I went and visited CEDAC head office with my first Exploration. CEDAC is an organization that promotes organic farming in Cambodia and helping farmers to have healthy life. We went there to understand more about their pesticides monitoring projects. We get to learn more about it and the connection between CEDAC and the farmers. CEDAC have it own offices in 18 provinces in Cambodia. It is a fantastic experience and we get to learn a lot. Now that we get to know about about pesticide monitoring, we are a step closer to our goal.  


Tahkmao Market Mission

In August of 2017, I went on a trip to Takhmao market with my first round Exploration. Part of our project is to understand about different types of pesticide active ingredients and the relationship between farmers and sellers. We visited Takhmao market to interview agrochemical shop owner to get their experience selling the pesticides and to observe more variety of pesticide that were sell. We stopped and interview 4 different agrochemical shop. It is a very interesting trip and the information we gathered are amazing.

Games Around the World

This is the Exploration about Games around the world. In the seventh weeks I am working on gathering different games from different countries around the world by sending google form to schools and do a online research. Our goal is to make a blog and share all the different games people play, including the rules, the number of people needed and step by step instructions.

We get learn different games from different part of the world. Every game has it uniqueness that encompass the fun, collaborate, determination, and critical thinking. I felt so happy to learn all those games and is honored to share it to other people through making a blog. 

Liger Senior’s Cookbook

In this class, we are working on creating a cookbook that can be use in our school. Soon, the seniors will cook their own meal and this book will be so helpful for them. 

I am working on designing the book layout. After the recipes crew finish cooking, they will send us the final recipes in a paper form, then I will put them in the book. We started the book with Blurb Bookwright. After we put the recipes in the book then I will receive the photo from the photography group. Everyday I receive about 150-200 photos. My challenge is to choose the specific and the best photos of the recipes out of 100 photos. In the book the layout is similar. There the main title, ingredients, directions, cool tips, history, nutritional facts, main photo, other photo. Each week our whole team came together and review the whole book (is the layout good or not). After 3-4 week we just find out the is really hard to print the book in Cambodia using the program Blurb Book-wright, so we decided to print our book in Adobe In-design. So, I need to transform the file into Adobe In-design. 

I am really proud of myself that I can be apart of this team with creating the amazing cookbook that would benefit me and the others.  



I really love cooking and tasting the food.

Making the Veggie Cake
Making the Veggie Cake
The Final Product of Veggie Cake

Cambodia Economy Book Launch

After the Cambodia Economy book is published, Liger Leadership Academy has set a book launch to introduce this amazing book to the whole world. I am one of the author of the book and I wrote mostly in the agriculture sector of Cambodia. During the launch, I was so excited and nervous at the same time. In addition, I had the opportunity to make a speech that express my feeling to this book. I felt so proud of myself that I can be the author in the age of 12. 

Here is what I said during the launch:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
Hello my name is Somphors. I am 12 years old and I came from Kampong Speu Province. The parts that I was working on is in the agriculture sector that are focusing on rubber and rice.

Today, I would like to share one unique fact about the rice of Cambodia. We all should know that, one of Cambodia rice, Pka Romdoul, had won an award of world’s best rice for 3 years in a row (2011-2013.) In addition, I believe that, in the next 5 to 10 year, the agriculture sector in Cambodia is going to increase a lot due to a better understanding of farming, better mechanization, and better irrigation system.

Finally I want express and say that I am really proud of myself and my incredible, marvelous, stupendous friends and teacher who were involved with writing the book. The book was successfully published because our group and the whole Liger community who put a lot of effort and determination on writing, translating, and editing. So I want to say thanks to the whole Liger community who is here today to celebrate with us. I really enjoy collaborating with my friends to collect data and put it in the book. For me, writing the book is not easy at all but I appreciate the opportunity that I have and enjoy it, then I started to observe my knowledge has increasing day by day. It’s my pleasure and I really happy to be part of the book.

3d-Tech_ We Will Tech You Up!

In Liger we’ve been learning about Entrepreneurship. The goal of the Entrepreneurship Exploration is to let students making their own business, design and how to become a good business. So every students has their own business. We also learning how to create a product from 3D printing to sell. I got my partner Kimseng to work with me. His a marketer and I am the designer. My product called 3d-Tech and it helps to cool down the computer. We sell about 65 products and of all the students we got the most profits. But when we sell to some customer the product not giving so much benefits to them. But we’ll try to solve out the solutions.

Here is the link to my website: http://3d-tech.weebly.com/



Photography Class

To accomplish the goal for the Phnong Exploration, we need to take a lot of photos. So, seven weeks before the Exploration started, the other students and I that are in the group were starting learning about photography. We learn about different ways to take clear pictures in different situation. In addition, we are also learning about ways to use the camera properly, effectively, and correctly. Beside learning in class, we also get to try to actually take some photos and that was the so fun. I took a lot of weird photos that look very silly. 

When its time to take the real photo, I think I did a great job. I took some great photos that later were nominated to be apart of the book. I am so happy and so proud of myself. 

The Preservation Of Bunong Culture


Almost all countries of the world are existing minorities, including Cambodia as well. There are approximately twenty indigenous minorities living in Cambodia, which most of them inhabit the Northeast and East. In this
exploring project, we will basically study about Bunong people who is one of the Cambodian indigenous minorities. Students will conduct cultural studies, particularly their culture, belief, lifestyle, interaction, tradition, right, living situation and so on. In this research, students will partly focus on the present issues applying influences over their living conditions. The faith, which is a crucial component, will be proposed to students to explore as it is supposed to be a fascinating topic and different from Khmer majorities. Also, we will find out how they are able to preserve their cultural traditions even it’s currently under the management of government authorities. Increasingly, we will have a field trip to Mondulkiri, where Bunong communities are situated in, to
discover directly from them by interviewing and seeing obvious aspects surrounding them. The trip will be collaborated with ICSO, which is closely working with indigenous communities in Cambodia. After seven weeks
over the course, students will be able to illustrate their understandings of Bunong people and be aware of current issues they are facing, so they can find some solutions to cope with those. Students will publish a book
with photographs, that will be described, they captured as their final product of the exploration to share with government schools in Cambodia, as well as the world. Additionally, they will have practiced with learning outcome skills such as interviewing, presentation, computer development and experienced learning outside the classroom and expertise with photographs.