The Shattered Bridge_ Men’s Gender Roles In Advertisements

Are we going to manipulate the future of gender stereotypes or will the gender stereotypes itself, shape our future?

The Huffington Post reports state that gender roles are immensely used in advertisements which frequently retain hidden depth and unperceivable messages. In accordance with Medialit, it claims that the division of gender roles are deeply rooted for some groups of people. Right beneath our nose, almost every advertisement are encompassed by gender stereotypes which both men and women are adversely affected by it. For men, gender roles and stereotypes are very influential in term of shaping their beliefs and attitudes, especially when it displays anti-male stereotypes.

Virtually all groups of people suffer from stereotypes and men are no exception. Stereotypes are powerful because they capable of affecting our expectations of what men should and should not be like.”

Medialit also remarks that there is a high probability of seeing male as the first person when you turn on the television. The Krytyka states that outdoor environments are mainly used for men, while characterizing them with a common interest and enjoy of spending time together with friends and family. Additionally, lots of advertisements are presenting men in the fields of being professional, successful, athletic, caring and supporting to his family. In contrast, men used to be viewed and portrayed as stupid, foolish, oafish, and clumsy.

In regard to the Men Are Becoming the Ad Target of the Gender Sneer article, it states that anti-male stereotypes are leading young boys to experience the lack of development and growing up with a weak foundation of their identity. These stereotypes are telling them what they should be and what they should not be; what is right and what is wrong. Men are discouraged to express their feeling in a range of emotions; hurt, fear, and hopelessness, if they do, they will be considered as unmanly, weak, coward, or even gay. Contrary, men are profoundly pushing to cooperate in teams with the need for control, and predominantly, violence is a great way to solve conflicts.

I tried my best to live up to the masculine stereotype, more often than not quite successfully, despite it making me painfully unhappy”_Jake Milli

Those male victims that were getting affected by the stereotypes are messily struggled, depressed and lost. The anti-male stereotypes causes them to be frightened and viewed themselves with negatively, and feel atrocious for being man when they can’t meet the criteria of being a “real” man. that come with being male.

“…as men, we have to conform to stale and damaging expectations of what it means to conform to this stereotype. By forcing ourselves to abide by ridiculous guidelines, we’re hurting ourselves and those.”_Independent.

Men are incompetent, faint, and pathetic growing up seeing those stereotypes displaying on television every time they opened it. They felt like they are not strong and powerful enough to be standing on their ground and going against those anti-male stereotypes; being who they really are.  

Dr. Nathanson, in an interview within the Men Are Becoming the Ad Target of the Gender Sneer article, stated that “how do boys form a healthy identity?” if they are constantly exposed to anti-male stereotypes.” Has it been done accidentally or with purposes? Some industries don’t even realize that the path they walked on to build the relationships with their customers are abhorrent not only to the users but to everyone who watched, saw, and experienced it, the nightmare.




The Guinea Pig_ IELTS Test Sample Subjects

Many different university in the whole world require their students to have a high point in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).  For Harvard University with the acceptance rate of 5.4% in 2016,  required the undergraduate or graduate students is get at least a 7 out of 9 in the IELTS test in order to be selected. English is my second language, thus I need to work hard in order to earn high point on those English Language Proficiency Test,  IELTS,  TOEFL, CAE, OET, and PTE. Four of the Liger Senior and I were chosen to be the IELTS test sample subjects. The goal is to see how many points in average can the Senior earn for now and what factor need to be improved in order to earn higher points. I am now studying for the test and are excited to take the test in the following month, the 20th and 21st of January.  

The Learning Holiday_Kampot Readers and Writers Festival

On the day for Water Festival holiday where Cambodian will take a break and comes celebrate the holiday, I spent my time going to Kampot for a special events. I think that the four days trip to Kampot is a very effective use of my time. The event called the Kampot Readers and Writers Festival (KRWF), which is so obvious that it is about reading and writing. The essential ideas behind the trip are to learn, to have fun, and to get inspired. Without going any further, I did learn a lot, I have a ton of fun and especially, I was surprised and was inspired by all the inspirational workshops that I was apart of. 

I had to admit that I am not a big fan of writing, but this trip has changed my writing path. Not that now I fall in love with writing or that I get addicted to writing but, it changes my perspective on writing. Actually, writing is not that hard. Here is how I think about it. Let’s compare it to your favorite activity and for me, playing basketball. At first, all I need to do is to have the mindset of practicing because practice become skilled. The more we write, the better our writing. The more we practice shooting, the better shooter I can be. Second, I need to gather the materials. It can be pens, pencils, books, or even a laptop. To basketball, it is like finding my sneakers, socks, and the ball. Third, we just need to get our mind concentrated into it. In basketball case, it is like jogging to the basketball court. Lastly, we just need to write, keep writing and keep writing. When it comes to a point of getting stuck, don’t know what else to write or if you can’t score, paused and try to find others creative idea to solve it and then finish it strong. When you compare a difficult task to your favorite activity, soon you’re going to enjoy doing it too. Remember, many people can run downhill, but not that many people can run uphill, so work with your best. 


Mistakes Are Lesson_Somphors

In the past three weeks, I was working on writing a personal narrative essay about coming of age in my literacy class. I find it special because I can express and actually talking about my life through writing.


“I made a lot of mistakes, do you? I always taught by my teachers that mistakes are lesson and mistakes is your best teacher.” said Somphors.


One life lesson that I learned about coming of age is that we all make mistakes and every decisions we make don’t have to be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Nicholas James Vujicic, an Australian motivational speaker, once said, “transforming walls into doors and changing obstacles into opportunities.” Turn your mistakes into success by understanding it and not to repeat it. I made a mistake, but I learned from it. I felt guilty for making mistakes, but I am also aware that making it is a part of every human lives. Despite my mistakes, my family still stand strong and support me.




This I Believe My Love In Playing Basketball_Literacy Project


Basketball is love, and basketball is life. It is my passion and it means everything to me. The court with the basket is my home. I believe in playing basketball.


The ball and I share an unsplittable bond. During the practises and games, the ball might go off my hands, but instead, that is what making me wanted to get it back. When I have the ball in my hands, I would be like a chicken chasing predator away to protect it chicks.


“I guard the ball, guard your man guys, get set. ” I really loves how we communicate closely together in playing basketball. When we play together, we are in one family even though we are not that closed outside of the court. We speaks to each other, while giving suggestion and giving feedback. I had never ever felt so comfortable and warm in playing other sport except playing this. “Keep it up, go, you can do this, and don’t worry about taking shot.” Those encouraging words is what brings everyone together as a team and stand up against the other. Those positive words is what moving us forward with confidence and collaboration. Those empowering words is what making us individual a better players. I believe that these are not just words, but the hidden meaning of loves deeply inside it, is what making it so special and yes through playing basketball.   


I am not only playing basketball, but what make it more special to me is that, I am also watching basketball, the National Basketball Association (NBA). I am a young fan of the Golden State Warriors which is in the west conference. Usually, I spend my free time watching my team played and trying to follow the style that my idol Wardell Stephen Curry did with his shooting, passing, faking, and dribbling. It has really inspired me to play more and most important, is to practise more and setting my own goal of becoming a better player in the future. I remember one time when the Warriors play against Utah Jazz and the time remaining less than one second then he just make a shoot back at the half court and beat the buzzer. After watching that shoot, I really want to become like him one day which make me more an ambitious person and not afraid with missed shot. One time he said “ I can’t say enough, how important my faith is to how I play the game and who I am.” I have been heard many quotes similar to this, but I think that this quote is the most special. Playing and watching basketball means so much to me and I believe that basketball is part of my identity.


I never ever going to forget the memories of playing basketball. I used to be so frustrated before playing, and after training and when I stepped out of the court, I forget all the sadness and bad things happening to me. I forget about the doing my stressful homework that may lift my grade up to at least 90% in average. I forget about my best friends borrowing my money which making so mad when their haven’t returned it yet. I forget about my brother eating my apple without asking when I left it in the fridge. I forget about doing my house chores and accepted blames from my housemate. I forget about everything. The one things that I am going to do is finding my socks and putting on my tennis shoes. Then running to the court, grab a ball and practise my shooting. I used to be so afraid of making shot. In practise, I try so hard to make shot again and again. Every weekend, I at least spend 2-3 hours practising shooting. I fall, my arms hurt, I made ugly shot, but I still moving on. I believe that the passion and effort I’ve put in playing this is what lift me back up. I started to make good shot, and better handle with the ball. This is not only my passion, but it is my safe zone. I love when I make a basket, and my coach yelled, “Bucket, let’s go Somp.” I can’t say this enough, and I love everything about basketball. I believe in my love in basketball.

50 Change Agents

In the literacy class, we are learning about different type of poems. This is a sonnet poem that talk about the 50 change agents of Cambodia. 


There are 50 students stay at Liger.
Menghuoth, Vornsar, Panha, Sokea, Rithy
Somphors, Kimseng, Marady, Samnang girl
Rathanak, Sreyneang.o, Seyha, Hongly

Davith, David, Dalin, Sreynith, Vannou
Vattey, Sythong, Mengthong, Visal, Kanha
Chimean, Puthea, Maya, Liday, Vitou
Sammy, Niron, Nilroth, Neat, Malika

Samady, Sopor, Sreypich, Neang, Theara
Makara, Chhoue, Sophat, Sopheak, Nary
Sreyleap, Thiny, Souyeth, Venghour, Ketya
Lux we almost forget Mr. Vuthy

All the students really enjoy Liger
With all the staffs and facilitators.

Skate On Thin Ice

To make our writing sound better, we should includes some figurative language in it. We have been learning about different idioms that might help with our writing. Part of the learning, our teacher gave each of us an idiom then we need to understand about it, so we can explain it to the class. My idiom is “skate on thin ice”. Figuratively, it means taking risk, risking danger, or to be in a risky situation. 


Listen Carefully

In my Literacy class I’ve been taken the assignment about filling the missing words in the song. We had already taking two quizzes about our listening skill. The two songs are Stressed out and Beautiful by Christina. Here are my works and result on the quizzes.

Our teacher would play the song and then we all will try to listen to it carefully in order to find the correct word to fill. She played the song for three times, then we will need to make the final edit. 

I really enjoy doing it and I felt so confident that this assignment is really helpful with developing a better listening skill. 


Traveling Different Places Teaches Me How To Appreciate My Province

This is a project in my literacy class. We are writing our own memoir story that related to our life and that change our life. For me, I learn to appreciate different places and especially, when I went to different places in Cambodia, I can find the differences between each places. 

I had put the story into a more stylish platform where everyone in the world can access to. If you want to read my stories, please click on the link below:




This is a poem that I wrote which is about myself. This is the “I Am From Poem”.

I am from wooden table
and smooth bed and fluffy shirts which in my house in Donglong village.
I am from green and yellow mangoes, sweet bananas and sticky jackfruit which I often eat .
I am from changing my community and my country, coding my own marvelous website and ride on my old and fast bike .
I am from tall coconut tree which have many green branches that around my house.

I am from a happy family and every members share their experience to the family
from my empower parents and smiley brothers.
I’m from optimism and determination and keeps moving through all the hard and easy challenges in my life.
I’m from the mindset of always making people and I happy so they feel comfortable with living with me.

I’m from study a lot and always smile
and everytime I go to school I have to sing Cambodia anthem.
I am from Khmer Curry and Bro Hok that my family eat a lot.
I’m from my parents which is a farmer and grade 12 teacher which making our family condition better from before.
I am from Prey Beng school where I used to learn and Chan Thnal high school where my brother get his knowledge from.

I am from these words
Be yourself
Accept yourself
Value yourself
Forgive yourself
Bless yourself
Express yourself
Trust yourself
Love yourself
Empower yourself

These words help to change my mind.