Traveling Different Places Teaches Me How To Appreciate My Province

This is a project in my literacy class. We are writing our own memoir story that related to our life and that change our life. For me, I learn to appreciate different places and especially, when I went to different places in Cambodia, I can find the differences between each places. 

I had put the story into a more stylish platform where everyone in the world can access to. If you want to read my stories, please click on the link below:



Being A Change Agent_ 2014-2015

Everyday people are making change. The essential vision of Liger Learning Center is changing Cambodia, that’s why Liger Learning Center creates many classes such as Exploration, Advance Enrichment, etc. Change Cambodia is not only the obligation for Liger Learning Center, but for all Cambodian kids and people to change. I create changes in many ways by teaching, helping, sharing, developing, trying new things, other. In the third years of Liger I’ve learn, improve and change many things. That is really encourage me to always creates change. I’ve got five Exploration classes in the third years:

In Ecotourism we had learn about how important tourism are to our economy. So we went to one of the ecotourism site in Cambodia. Our intension of the trip are to find out about any problems relate to education, health, career, electricity, etc in Chi Phat community. Then the outcome is to recommend some idea of how to improve and solve the concerned. One of the change I’ve made during the trip was teaching some knowledge that I have to the students in Chi Phat community.

Water sanitation
In Water sanitation we had learn about how important sanitation are. We also explore many things about Wetland, Composting Toilet. The outcome of our exploration is to reconstruct the constructed Wetland at our school and to design low cost Composting Toilet . How do we learn? We learned about constructed Wetland and Self- Composting Toilet by interviewed experts from different NGOs and visit the Ministry of Environment, invite guest speakers from different background to share with us about wastewater. We also use technology to research informations in the class too. We tried to go on field trips to visit places that working on these system. One Change I’ve made in the Exploration was designing and reconstruct a new Liger Wetland. It seem the wetland is working well.


In Entrepreneurship group we had learn about many entrepreneur vocabulary and learn about how to becomes a great entrepreneur. Also design and invented our own product and advertise so we can get profits. So we used many apps to design the product. Some people using 123d design and some using blender. One of the change I’ve made through the Exploration was sharing how to use 123d Design and Blender to Logo International School. It seem the students in Logo International School happy and learn a lot from us.

Cambodia Economy
This is the Exploration where we start with going out to many different places to gather the information about different sectors in Cambodia economy. Internet is also one of our important sources. After collect all the data then we transform the information to writing so when can put it in the book. I am the author of agriculture sector such as rice and rubber. One change I and my members made is that we had published our first Cambodia Economy which will have in each and every secondary school in Cambodia. So means we help other students all over Cambodia to improve their learning.

3d-Tech_ We Will Tech You Up!

In Liger we’ve been learning about Entrepreneurship. The goal of the Entrepreneurship Exploration is to let students making their own business, design and how to become a good business. So every students has their own business. We also learning how to create a product from 3D printing to sell. I got my partner Kimseng to work with me. His a marketer and I am the designer. My product called 3d-Tech and it helps to cool down the computer. We sell about 65 products and of all the students we got the most profits. But when we sell to some customer the product not giving so much benefits to them. But we’ll try to solve out the solutions.

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Eco_Tourism In Cambodia


Ecotourism means to travel to natural areas that protect environment and help people life at location became better. Ecotourism was also about helping to preserve the environment. Our ecotourism group went to Chi Phat to study about the ecotourism in Chi Phat. Also we learned about how ecotourism in Chi Phat are different from other ecotourism sites. Our big goal when we went to Chi Phat was to interview as many people as possible. We interviewed different people to get different answers and all the people had different perspectives. After we interviewed a lot of people we came back and studied about the information we found some areas of concern. Our group made a recommendation to Chi Phat community about the areas of concern. Some areas of concern are education, transportation, marketing, collaboration, and energy. After we finished we will send it to Martin and Prom Hong, the CBET (Community Based Ecotourism Site) directors.